Back again after a long break.

April 19, 2020


WOW! It’s been a little while hasn't it. November 7th was the last time I wrote a blog so that is almost 6 months ago... There has been a lot going on in my life and I just haven't found the time to get back into writing blogs. I have also been absent on social media since the 9th of march just before NZ went into lockdown. This blog is going to cover what has been happening and what I hope to have happen in the coming weeks.


Let’s start with my last blog posting and work up to the most recent updates. In November I wrote about how I had applied for a job and was starting a new chapter but within only a few weeks that all came to an end and that sent me into a little bit of bad space mentally for a few weeks. The company was not the best company and I am glad I got out when I did.


After that experience I began to think about what I really wanted to achieve in life and decided to create my own business. I worked hard from December to February when I launched my business. Melz Pure Magic is my little home business which is my creations that I make and sell. Essential oil products, Jewellery, Wax melts and more in the works. This little business was launched after I discovered my love for essential oils and creating products. I hope in the coming months I can grow this business more! 


Between business preparation and study as well as processing the loss of my father the last few months of last year and the start of this year were busy and the time to write was not there. My focuses were on other things and although blogging and sharing my journey is important to me I just couldn't find the time or head space to write. By the time things settled down it was the start of March. 



Start of march we got a new Fur baby after losing our first fur baby in February So I took a few weeks off social media to settle this little cutie into our lives and also process the One year anniversary of my father passing. And then NZ got put into a 4-week lockdown which has thrown life into a spin for the last few weeks.


On top of all of that I lost my way both with blogging and sharing on social media in general after a few online bullies that made me question what I should be sharing and what I shouldn’t be. I also got to a point where I questioned closing all my pages so that the bullies would stop. Thankfully I have dealt with that stuff recently so feeling that I can come back and share again. 


As an overall of the last few months my health has been okay it has moments of great and moments of bad. My weight loss journey has come to a halt I haven’t been eating right or exercising much due to a lack of focus. But that is all going to change as soon as I am out of this current flare that is making walking difficult. Nutrition wise I am working on a new plan in the next few weeks to action to help me reach my goals. 

Through my course I have learned so much about goal setting and achieving my goals so looking forward to putting plans together to reach these goals. This past year has shown me how short life can be and it’s time to start living and creating the life I want to be living rather than the life I have been given at the moment. 


Going forward On here I am wanting to spend the next week or two re doing my website it needs a makeover and then once that is completed I want to write at least one blog a week and bring back my Journey Times emails as a monthly email this time. On social media I want to get back into posting more and getting back on track.


Thank you for still being here and supporting me on my journey. I look forward to reconnecting with you all as I restart my journey. 


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