My Arbonne Journey

April 20, 2020

Earlier this year I began taking some products from the Arbonne nutrition range after hearing how good they were I wanted to try them for myself. To put it simply I LOVE them. Have used them since I purchased them and just recently purchased some of the other range to try. For me I wanted the Nutrition products, but they also do make up and skin care products also. This weekend I was offered the opportunity to sign up as an Independent consultant. After some consideration I accepted the opportunity. This now means when I share these products, and someone wants to purchase them I can help with this. 


I thought I would share my journey with the products I currently use, what made me want to use the products and how I have found them. At this stage I have only used the Nutrition products but will be getting some of the other products later to try. 


I started with the main products I was interested in which was the Fizz sticks, Digestion Plus & greens powder. These were the products I thought would be the best given my health and the things I was / am trying to achieve. 


The Fizz sticks are energy sticks and with all the health issues I have energy is something I lack so I was super keen to try these to see if they could help me. Fizz sticks have changed my life I have one a day and they give me the energy to get through the day without needing a nap. I have only tried the Citrus flavour at this stage but have ordered the other flavours to try. The citrus flavour is so yum!! 


Digestion Plus I got this because I have a terrible digestion and I had been hunting for a pre and probiotic for a long time. Comes as a powder which I mix in water by itself or with a Fizz stick. The taste on its own is bland not a terrible taste but not a wonderful taste either so mixing it with the Fizz stick makes the taste even better. I have noticed a massive change in my digestive system since taking this and when I stop taking it I suffer the consequences. 


Greens Powder a great and easy way to get your greens! I like to add this to my smoothies. You can take this just in water if you like but for me its best added to a smoothie.


I have recently purchased some other Fizz stick flavours and the Mind health product once I have tried these, I will write my review here and on a separate post. 


If you have any questions about these products or anything else Arbonne related, please feel free to get in touch. 

You can see the range of products on my arbonne site here


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