Pain to Purpose!

August 23, 2019

You may have heard me say before my mission in life is to take the pain i have been through and find a way to use it for good so it had a purpose! I want to be able to help others who are going through what i have gone through OR have been through what i have been through. 


I want to be able to use my pain , my experiences , my mistakes and my journey to show others that with a bit of work and dedication to yourself you can overcome whatever you are going through. What you went through / are going through does not have to become who you are. 


I have been through hell in my 26 years of life. Seen things that most people never even hear about let alone see. Been hated & hurt by those who should love & protect me. Been through darkness BUT found my light. 

I truly believe that no matter what we go through in our lives WE have the decision to become who we want to become. We just have to find our way through the pain and build our better life. 


I have always had this goal just been very unsure on how to make this goal a reality. I have often wanted to become a counselor so that i can help others work through their pain but i allowed the negative voices of my own and other people tell me that i was not good enough to be a counselor. So i have spent the last few years wondering and hoping that one day i would find something that i would be good enough to do that would help people. 





This year i began my journey to healing my past hurt and trying to minimize the negative voice i hear in my head every day. This is the voice i was raised with the voice of my mother telling me how useless & pathetic i am. How i will never become anything because i was too stupid and no one will ever like me. Being raised with such negativity my whole life has of course meant i have never believed in myself. This year i wanted to change that i wanted to find a way to silent the voice of my mother and strengthen my own voice and start to believe in myself. 


This journey has been a long one and one that is not 100% complete but it has improved so much! During this journey i have been thinking so much about what i want to do with my future and trying to think about becoming a counselor without hearing my mothers negative voice. 


I came to the realization that i am good enough to become whatever i want to become. After talking things through with my counselor and close family i knew what i needed to do. I needed to start a course in counselling and start my journey of turning the pain around. 



I started my counselling course in June and it has been amazing so far!! Starting this course i still had anxiety over if i was going to be able to complete it or would i fail everything. To date i have passed 3 assessments with 100% ! No longer doubting my abilities just working super hard and getting it done! 




For many years i was worried that i was going to become everything my mum created me to be even though i wanted to be someone completely different to who i was being raised to become.


I have fought  hard to become the person i want to be! I am still on the journey to creating the person i want to be. This course is going to give me the greatest of opportunities  to become the person i want to be rather then the person i was raised to be. 


We all have the choice of who we are! No matter what your past has been you can become anybody you want at any time in your life! YOU just have to make that choice!!!! 



I will be sharing more of my journey with my studies and my plans to achieve my ultimate goal as this journey continues. If you have any questions please feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram. You can also email me 




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